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Lady Mickens

Lady Mickens, a native North Carolinian, is a psalmist, songwriter, teacher, praise
and worship leader, wife, and a mother of 4. She is also an elementary school
teacher with Guilford County Schools.

Since her youth, Lady Mickens has had a love for singing. Coming from a family of
singers and musicians kept her constantly training and sharpening her gift. Singing
on show choirs, gospel choirs, and chorales exposed her to a variety of styles of
music and techniques. Lady Mickens has served on multiple choirs as well as
chorales as director, vocal trainer, section leader, and worship leader. By the
grace of God, on June 13, 2021, Lady Mickens released her debut single, “Great
Things”, a declaration of God’s power and His greatness.

Lady Mickens is a graduate of Barber-Scotia College, where she received a
English. She later attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to receive
her teacher certification in K-6 Elementary Education. She has served the children
of North Carolina as a teacher for the 18 years.

While in college, Lady Mickens became a member of the Mount Calvary Holy
Church Family Worship Center located in Concord, NC. It was there that she
developed a more intimate relationship with God under the teaching of Bishop
Elvin and Co-Pastor Darlene Mickens.

Lady Mickens believes that God gives us power through praise and worship to
Him. She believes, as it states in Isaiah 61:3, that God has given us “the garment
of praise for the spirit of heaviness”. Through worship, we exchange our ashes for
His beauty and our mourning for His joy. It allows us to acknowledge God and His
infinite power above our current condition. We allow Him to be the “lifter of our
heads” and to rest in the fullness of Him.

Lady Mickens currently serves as a praise and worship leader at Mt Calvary Holy
Church Family Worship Center. She is married to Elvin Mickens, Jr. and has four
children: Justin, Mahogany, Joshua, and Londyn.